The Sacramento Region has grown to 2 million people, putting development pressure on agricultural land. RACESTUDIO has assisted the City of Sacramento, Sacramento County and the City of Citrus Heights develop strategies for urbanizing strip corridors in an effort to implement regional smart growth principles. The initial efforts influenced SACOG’s Regional Blueprint and more recently served as the model for Sacramento County’s Smart Growth Street policies in the Draft General Plan.


Selected Sacramento area corridor plans: Fair Oaks Boulevard Concept Plan, Broadway-Stockton Urban Design Plan, The Boulevard Plan, Fair Oaks Boulevard Corridor Plan, Folsom Boulevard Image Enhancement Plan, and Sylvan Corners Redevelopment Plan

The Boulevard Plan

Citrus Heights, CA

RACESTUDIO worked with Mintier Harnish to prepare a specific plan for Auburn Boulevard. The land use concept connected three urban villages developed on underutilized strip commercial sites. The specific plan included land use policies, transportation policies, development standards, design guidelines, and a financing plan. The Boulevard Plan included extensive community and property owner outreach.

Auburn Boulevard Plan, City of Citrus Heights, 2005 Sacramento Valley Section, APA Honor Award (with Mintier Harnish)

Fair Oaks Boulevard Corridor Plan

Sacramento County, CA

RACESTUDIO and A. Plescia Company assisted Sacramento County prepare a master plan and special planning area for Fair Oaks Boulevard. The plan is organized into four subareas with a primary focus on a future main street district for the Carmichael community.

Soscol Boulevard Vision Plan

Napa, CA

RACESTUDIO worked with stakeholders in Napa to prepare a vision plan for Soscol Boulevard. Soscol Boulevard is the southern gateway into Napa. It is lined with auto-oriented commercial, auto dealers, and vacant land. The Wine Train travels along the western edge and the Napa River. The Napa County Fair and future transit station are located at the northern end of the corridor. The vision identifies land use and infrastructure enhancements.

Broadway-Stockton Urban Design Plan

Sacramento, CA

RACESTUDIO, Cliff Lowe Associates, and Metrovation worked with a citizens advisory committee to create a plan for 3-1/2 miles of roadway in southeastern Sacramento. The Broadway/Stockton Urban Design Plan provides a template for public sector investment over the first 5-years to support private sector and neighborhood investment in the Broadway and Stockton Boulevard commercial areas. Public investment priorities and related planning concepts came out of a community workshop process that established overall principles, strategies and concepts for revitalization. This plan captures these recommendations in the form of an overall framework plan, design guidelines, and action plan.

The Broadway/Stockton Urban Design Plan received a 1999 Planning Award from the Sacramento Valley Section of the APA and a 1999 California APA Planning Award for Excellence in Focused Issue Planning.

The 40 Acres Complex and Guild Theater in Oak Park has been chosen as a recipient of the 2004 Award of Excellence by the California Redevelopment Agency.

Stockton Corridor Infill Site Strategies

Sacramento, CA

RACESTUDIO and A. Plescia Company assisted SHRA prepare site acquisition and disposition strategies for infill sites on Stockton Boulevard. The effort included market and feasibility analysis, site planning options, and marketing materials for property disposition.

Folsom Boulevard Image Enhancement Plan

Sacramento, CA

RACESTUDIO and Cliff Lowe Associates assisted the City of Sacramento and the community to prepare a plan for enhancing the image of Folsom Boulevard between Howe and Watt Avenue. The planning included three community workshops and preparation of a design concept plan to be used for scoping of engineering and streetscape projects. The effort resulted in the formation of a merchants and property owners organization for the Boulevard.

Sylvan Corners Redevelopment Plan

Citrus Heights, CA

RACESTUDIO assisted the City of Citrus Heights prepare a revitalization strategy for the historic Sylvan Corners district. The plan includes an assessment of market and development opportunities, image enhancement concepts and a redevelopment implementation plan.

The Sylvan Corners Urban Design Plan received a 2002 Merit Award from the Sacramento Valley Section of the APA.


Specific Plan cover, sample design guidelines page, (RACESTUDIO) and corridor subareas (Mintier Harnish)

Left: Plan cover, land use and open space concepts (RACESTUDIO)

Above: Plan cover, sketch of Colonial Theater renovation, and community workshop (RACESTUDIO)

Below: Plan cover, sketch of Jackson Highway Gateway and design recommendations (RACESTUDIO)

Below: Plan cover, site plan, and image sketches (RACESTUDIO)

Above: Smart Growth Street concepts

Left: Plan cover and land use concepts


Above: Alternatives report and market brochure for Stockton Boulevard infill mixed-use development at future BRT stops (RACESTUDIO)